Saturday, 18 February 2012

British Talent! - Kwabena Adjepong

This has been long overdue. I've been listening to Ghanaian singer Kwabena Adjepong's (Kwabs) cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's song Like A Star for AGES now and like the original song, its timeless. 

What really caught my eye (or ear) about the 22 year old Jazz/Soul singer is his really, understated talent, its neither forced none contrived. Its so organic, pure and simply sweet. I should really write more about his background and all that article filler stuff right HERE but I just found a kind of salsa track he did with They say Jump (see below) which I'm fully engrossed in and therefore don't really feel the need to have you keep reading this and not listening to the beauty that is below (unless you're doing both which in that case - you deserve a round of applause), so it's time for less typing and more listening!!!!!

 *Cheesy grin -  plays Corinne Bailey Rae cover for 27th time*

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