Saturday, 11 February 2012

Introducing - Linkoban @Linkoban

You know those times where your casually browsing blogs, youtube, soundcloud and stubble across an AMAZING track like this from an completely random artist. Yes! I enjoy those moments ALOT!

This is Linkoban, I found her yesterday and have been obsessed with her track below ever since. Linkoban is an artist hailing from Copenhagen but when she moved to London her love for music flourished which she took back to Copenhagen, got in the studio then she signed to Superbillion Records (Lucy Love's label) and THIS is her first debut single.  

The track Like This is such a infectious, funky, fun and carefree track that makes me wanna jump on my bed and dance till I can't dance anymore. It's scary how much I'm in love with this tune - Linkoban you've just gained a new fan!

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