Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Introducing - Tinashe @Tinashe

Hello! Here's another Introducing post for you guys, have you heard of Tinashe? No? Well prepare to get familiar with this 19 year old America singer. Formly in a group called The Stunners who had some success and went on to tour with Justin Bieber, Tinashe has since gone solo and with her covers of Lil Wayne and Rihanna gained thousands of views on youtube. 

But those videos arent really what caught my attention about Tinashe pronounced (Tee-Nay-Sh), it was her most recent mixtape In Case We Die. The whole EP which was written and produced by Tinashe definitely has an intimate, raw and sexy vibe to it from the trip-hop mysterious production that is a continuous musically theme through the 12 tracks. The tracks aren't for the Top 10 any time soon but definitely shows what she has to offer and what she is capable at this stage in her career, she can only grow from here!

 Definitely one I'm keeping my eye on. 

Let You Love Me

I Tried

The Last Night On Earth

Cant Say No 

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