Sunday, 5 February 2012

NEW! Sam Sparro - The Shallow End @sam_sparro

I've been back from Poland (which was AMAZING!) for a few hours now, I definitely haven't caught up on my sleep yet but I HAD to post this new tune from Sam Sparro. He's one of my favourite artists, his debut album is excellent and now he's getting ready to release his second album, Return To Paradise which will be released in May. 

This is the first track revealed from the album titled The Shallow End which the video below shows footage of Sam recording in LA, London and Spain. I'd heard some stuff from Sparro before which was very house/dance but this, THIS, is what I love about Sam Sparro. The ability to blend his sensational, yes sensational vocals with cool disco, fun instrumentals to make effortlessly groovy tunes! LOVE SAM SPARRO. 

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