Tuesday, 6 March 2012

British Talent - Ruby Ann Patterson @Rubyannsings

Wahey! New British Talent post and this one just like the others, is a musically gem. 

Ruby Ann Patterson came under my radar a few weeks back when her booking agent pointed me into her harmonise direction. Whatta beautifully pure voice she has ah? I could imagine seeing her at a gig and hearing this voice radiate through the venue or being in the toilets and rushing out to see who the hell is on stage! (Have you ever done that? I love that feeling!) but yeah, she sounds GREAT! 

I love the character in her voice, the way she holds melodies and also the different side she shows in her track Goodbye. You'd look at her and think, yep, Corinne Bailey Rae but when you hear Goodbye you think dang, this girl's got some sass! Love it. Props to you Ruby!!

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