Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NEW! Archeo ft Scorcher - Glass Half Empty @archeoofficial @Scorcherslife


British Talent - Archeo

I LOVE ARCHEO!!!!!! Since his first tune Mr General (click on the British Talent post if you havent heard it) I've been watching this guy like a hawk to see what hes going to do next and this is it! When I first saw that Scorcher was featuring on this it was a bbm-cover-face moment cause its just so RANDOM but when I listened to it I was pleasantly surprised. It seem to gel relevantly well. 

I like the production on this too, its just so gritty and I think that its great that Archeo is so much like Marmite. You're either on broad or not, and I am fully aboard because really, whose making music like this right now???!!!

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