Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NEW VIDEO! Rax - Best Day Ever @RaxOfficial

It's the last of Rax's The Black Crook Project :O!!!!!!!!!!! 1 video. Every 2 weeks. For 6 months. That went fast - dang! Could this be my favourite video of them all? Then again I was feeling Gingerbread Man, LMAO was pretty sick too, OMG what about Slow Motion Video *dances*? Or WE'LL SEE?!

So many great songs, great production, great LYRICS from Rax's TBCP, to say the least I'm super proud of the project as it promotes the essential need for consistency but also intense quality control. *Salute to you Rax*.

So many lyrics to quote from this that I absolutely loved but these were particularly stand out  - 'dont be a second grade them, be a first grade you' - 'they still telling me I'm loca but most people afraid of what they dont know' - 'From birth certificate to death certificate until the I'm erased I represent my syndicate!' SICCCCCK.

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