Tuesday, 9 October 2012

British Talent - Rossi Riko @RossiRiko

Some new British Talent for yoooooooooou. I got told about this guy last week and ever since I've been very excited for what's to come from him. Rossi Riko he goes by the name of, he sings, raps and isn't bad to look at as well (that always helps!).

All his youtube stuff is very very cool, he has a very much rough around the edges swag, like this kind of effortless, ermmmm, what's the word I'm looking for, an effortless persona about him, like his music very much comes naturally. He kind of has two sides as well, the 'Dope' 'Shoreditch swag' rap style then the kind of sweet guy side of him singing and playing the piano - a potential lethal combination me thinks. Exciting times ahead!! *Salute*

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