Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bye Bye Buzzinunlimited. Hello Speaker Ink.

Hello people!

You may have noticed a very recent re-brand I've done of my blog. 

Buzzinunlimited has been around for 6 years now (eek!). I created it when I was 14 and have had great success with it, more than I ever thought I would but as I've grown older I realised that it was time for a shake up. Due to this I've now closed the door on Buzzinunlimited (R.I.P) and welcomed a new age of my blog - now called - Speaker Ink.

You can expect the same as always - new music on a regular basis but now under a new name and a shiny new logo - woo! I'll slowly be adding more features but I can't give all that away just yet :)

Also check out the soundcloud - - on there you'll find monthly playlists of all the tracks I blog.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Speaker Ink.
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